Suggested accomodations

There is a large number of accommodations in several categories in the immediate vicinity of the Festival, even within a few hundred meters. We have collected the main recommended places in the list below. It is also worth looking at the offers of, many private accommodations are also available through them.

ATTENTION! Apart from the campsites, Zalacsány's accommodation are almost fully booked for the weekend of June 16-18, but there are still places available in the system!  

Kehidakustány, which is 5-10 minutes by car from the festival, but can also be reached on foot, or Hévíz, which is 10 minutes by car, has a large number of free guesthouses, boarding houses and hotels. It is also possible to get to us from Hévíz by taxi. Some of the accommodations in Kehidakustány and Zalacsány also have a transfer service, which can be provided free of charge or by minibus, which is recommended to inquire about when booking! Camping and accommodation in wooden houses are available at our neighbors, 300 m from us, in the Dutch Hill Camping or the Farm Inn Restaurant.

Closest accomodations, within 2-4 km:

Batthány Kastélyszálló Zalacsány ****
+36 83 537 000

Zala Spring Golf Resort ****
+36 20 403 4960

Dutch Hill Camping

Farm Inn Fogadó - restaurant, camping

Accomodations within 4-5 km:

Kehida Termál Hotel ****
+36 83 534 500

Szerencsemák Panzió
+36 20 404 6878

Admirál Villa - Panzió 
More info

Ibolya Vendégház

More info on

Bundi Vendégház
More info on

Accomodations within 10-15 km (10-15 minutes by car or taxi):



Hotel Carbona
Hotel Európa Fit
Palace Hotel
Lotus Therme Hotel
Ensana Thermal Hotel
Ensana Thermal Aqua Hotel
Bonvital Hotel
Dobogómajor Hotel
Hotel Zena

Many private accommodations, guesthouses can be found on,, or

Kolping Hotel

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