About us

Our story started in 2008, when none of the stages and buildings visible today were standing at the site of the Örvényesvölgy Festival. Starting on an empty meadow, a 1,500 m2 plot, by now, we built up a 10-hectare family estate of our dreams.

The idea of ​​Pálos Resort, a quality accommodation located here, was born at the end of 2008, when the concept was a 3-room weekend log house. As the years went by, a significantly larger tradittional house with several rooms and a wine bar with Balaton highland style features was planned, the construction of which finally started in the summer of 2011. In the meantime, we gradually expanded the estate with several additional buildings and areas, vineyards, and then in 2013 we gradually moved from the 9th district of Budapest to Örvényesvölgy, first only on a trial basis.

In the recent years Pálos Resort was included in the 28 best European accommodations in 2018 and 2021: we won the International Hospitality Awards in the Best Country Hotel and Best Ethno Hotel categories. You can read more about our property and accommodation here!


The "trial" went well because we didn't move back! If we recall those days, it was interesting to see the worried looks of friends, and it was difficult to answer the questions, since we didn't know the answers exactly yet, we just felt that we were making a good decision.

Where will the children go to kindergarten/school? There is nothing in örvényesvölgy - where are we going to shop, is there a doctor or hospital nearby? How will we work, what will happen to our Budapest office? The many questions all pointed to whether we have assessed what it means to go from the peak of civilization to beyond the edge of civilization? I'm sure some even thought something was wrong in our heads.

But it was fine for us. It is difficult to describe the calmness that welcomed us here. Of course, we have been experiencing this every day since then, and now it is often strange, when we see more cars in the nearby Zalaegerszeg: we are not used to it.

The answers to the above questions have been answered, and surprisingly, in many cases the situation is more favorable than in Budapest. Within 10-15 minutes - it is interesting that this is the most important for everyone - shopping opportunities, a doctor, hairdresser, gas station, etc., 5-6 minutes away by car. So it's not like we've left civilization, but we've gotten somewhat closer. In Budapest or any larger city, you often have to travel more in time than we do from Örvényesvölgy.

Today, we live with more than 30 fallow deer on our almost 10-hectare property, which will also be the site of the Örvényesvölgy Festival!


Of course, there are also "disadvantages":

There is no 24/7 shops around the corner. If we run out of our favorite snack while watching a movie at night, it can be hurting to find out, here there's no such thing as forgetting.

Sometimes (admittedly, quite rarely) we can be squealed by the silence and tranquility. In such cases, we miss the hustle and bustle of the city, the sight of people, and most of all: the wealth of cultural opportunities that a big city offers.

It is difficult to compromise on the latter alone. More precisely, we looked for and found a solution for this in our own way.

It sounds interesting, but hosting guests can also be a joy, because if not 365 days a year, then on many days a family, couple, groups of friends come to us, with whom it's good to get in touch, it's good to introduce them to this environment and it's good for them to have an experience in Örvényesvölgy. And by doing so, we get an experience for ourselves as well, so the picture is complete and we don't get bored. Of course, this can be played ona  different level as well, as we did at our previous events and especially with Örvényesvölgy Festival!

Our first open-air stage concept was born in 2010, even before the start of major construction works. In fact, it already had its place before anything else was built here. In the summer of 2010, we were lucky enough to attend a special concert in Tuscany with our family. More precisely, at its main rehearsal, which, due to its informality, gave it a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere. Among the Tuscan hills covered with fields in Lajatico, Andrea Bocelli and his friends built a stage with a unique atmosphere, they created the Teatro del Silenzio. The stage had to be driven for nearly 15 minutes on dirt roads, surrounded by no built environment or infrastructure, only nature and silence. It was a defining experience and gave us great motivation. A few years passed and the right moment came. This is how a big stage was created in 2016 among the hills of Zala, with huge forests behind it, which we inaugurated in May 2017 with the Hungarian Pauline Order. Our goal was to attract unique, high-quality cultural events worthy of the environment here. You can read about our previous events here!

We are waiting for you in 2024! 

Niki, Tamás, Vili and Julcsi, owners and "employees" of Pálos Resort and  Örvényesvölgy Festival

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